Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 National Juniors Championship -

The 9-round National Juniors Championship started today. It is held at Pearl Point Shopping complex located in Jalan Kelang Lama. The championship is divided into two categories - Boys and Girls. 58 players participated in the Boys category whereas just 24 players competing in the Girls section.

Five SKBJ boy players playing in the Boys category while only two SKBJ girl players are participating. Leading the boys, Fikri ranked 25th started off victoriously beating his opponent. But he was defeated in the second round by a 1600-rated player. Being defeated by higher opponents in the first round, Aminur, Irfan and Affan thrashed their respective opponents in the second round. Ihsan, the younger brother of Irfan, is the only SKBJ boy player who has not won any game in the first two rounds.

Meanwhile, in the Girls category, Anis Fariha won her second round game againts unrated player after resigned to the fourth seeded in the first round. Still being tired from the long journey to Kelantan with her family, Nur Faqehah lost to the third seeded in the first round and an unseeded player in the second round. 

Two former SKBJ chess players also participated in the 5-day tournament. They are Faris and her younger sister, Nur Farihah.  

Hopefully, all SKBJ chess players will play excellently tomorrow in the third and fourth round. 

In the Boys category, only 12 players left with the perfect score. Two top players are missing from the list where the upsets happened. Justin Ong, the second seed, was upset in the second round while Muhd Tariq, the fourth seed, was upset in the first round by Nabil Fikri. Meanwhile, in the Girls category, only 5 players left with the perfect score.

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