Monday, November 24, 2008

SKBJ Chess Club Players at INTEC UiTM Chess Open

On 23rd November 2008, several SKBJ Chess Club players had participated in the INTEC UiTM Chess Open held at Dewan Cemara, Section 18, Shah Alam. They were among more than 100 participants. They faced older opponents mostly while sometimes they met among each other. Below are some of their pictures while playing their chess games.

Affan was cracking his head facing againts his schoolmate Fikri in one of their rounds.

Aina Farzana, MSSD Petaling Perdana chess player, was serious thinking her strategy and plan againts much older opponent.

Aminur Nirza, one of next year SKBJ anchor chess player, playing black was in deep thinking how to outplay his opponent.

After meeting againts her opponent's brother in the first round, she played white in the last round facing Sarika Subramaniam from Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

Nur Faqihah, playing black was facing the same opponent who played againts her school team mate, Aina.

Aina and Aminur played againts older opponent side by side.

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