Thursday, December 18, 2008

Round 6 Opponents for SKBJ Chess Players @KLCA Open - Challengers

After round 5, Fikri is leading the three SKBJ pupils who are participating in KLCA Open - Challengers with 3 points. Winning the first three rounds, he met Yeoh Li Tian on Board 3 in Round 4. Still he could not beat the Malaysian chess prodigy. In Round 5, he faced his Selangor Under 12 budding rival, Roshan Ajeet Singh. Roshan played well and defeated Fikri. In Round 6 tomorrow, Fikri will play against a Unitar student named Mohd Firdaus.

While both Affan Amrish and Anis Fariha just managed to score 1 1/2 points. Affan played againts a visually impaired player in Round 4 while Anis played againts Khaw yew Onn (the above picture).  Tomorrow Affan will play black againts Muhd Faris whereas Anis will play white againts Camilia Johari.

Fikri played black as well as Medina Wardina Aulia, who sit next to him.

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