Monday, March 30, 2009

SKBJians at Encik Ismail Ahmad's MBR Chess Simultaneous

Below are several pictures of the Chess Simul event held at Markas Briged Tengah, Cheras on 26th March 2009. A number of SKBJ chess players were among the 120 opponents of Encik Ismail Ahmad, the former World Police Chess Champion. It is a great honour for SKBJ chess players to be invited and part of a Malaysian Book of Record feat.

It is even better when Irfan Rendrawan, the 2009 PPD Petaling Pedana L12 first runner-up, won while few others (Aminur, Affan, Ihsan & Aina Farzana) drew.

Below are the medals, awards and photo gallery of Encik Ismail Ahmad in chess. His achievements and success in chess shall be followed and role model for all SKBJians especially and Malaysian kids generally. He started quite late in chess. His determination, discipline, dedication, passion, effort, patience and sacrifice has made him what he is today in chess. 

Hopefully all SKBJians especially its chess players will be motivated to succeed in chess seeing below pictures.

(Note: All the pictures were taken by SKBJ Chess Club guru penasihat, Puan Rosimah Mohamad)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

SKBJians at Catur Pesta Rakyat Selangor

A number of SKBJians had participated in Chess Tournament held at Melawati Stadium in conjuction of Pesta Rakyat Selangor on last Saturday 21st March 2009. They are Aminur Nirza, Irfan Rendrawan, Ihsan Syahiran, Affan Amrish, Anis Fariha, Nur Faqihah, Aina Farzana and Mohd Faqih. Besides them, Fahim Al-Faqeh of 1 Bakau made his debut in a chess tournament. Faqeh won 3 points by winning 3 games in the 6-round 15-minute time control tournament.

Aminur (right with black shirt) vs Irfan and Affan (red shirt) vs Ihsan

Aina Farzana (right) vs a Perak state player

Nur Faqihah (left) played againts a Perak state player.

Anis Fariha (left) played againts Puteri Munajjah of SK Jenjarom

The hope and future of SKBJ chess, FAQEH (left) and FAQIH. Fahim Al-Faqeh Bin Saleh, a Year 1 pupil, just made his debut in chess tournament. His interest in chess sparked seeing his elder brother and sister playing in chess tournaments. While Mohd Faqih Bin Aminuddin has been playing in several tournaments eventhough he is just 6 years old. He is a pre-schooler at SKBJ. He has defeated a number of much elder opponents.

Cikgu Rosimah Mohamad (right), the SKBJ chess teacher, was focusing on her board againts Puan Asmah Haji Bar from Jenjarom.

SKBJ Chess Club patron, Cikgu Rosimah Mohamad, also participated in the tournament. She played in the Women category. She was among the medallist winner.

SKBJ HEBAT! History Made in MSSM 2009!

Alhamdulillah, a history has been made by a Year 5 Chengal SKBJian, Anis Fariha Saleh. She won Under 12 Girls Team event along with her other teammates, Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar (LGT), Puteri Munajjah Azhar (LGT) and Ee Sun Xin (PU) in the recent MSSM Chess Championship held in Goldcourse Hotel, Klang from 16th to 20th March 2009.  It is even sweetest victory since the Selangor chess contigent is the overall champion for 2009 MSSM Chess edging the KL team. The Selangor team won 4 Golds, 2 Silvers and 2 Bronzes.

Therefore, SKBJ students can excel in anything if great efforts and hardwork been made. Hopefully, this record and feat with many others will be a great motivation for all SKBJians to excel and succeed in any curriculum, tournament, contest and competition. 

For chess, hopefully, the success will continue every year and more SKBJians come forward to represent the state in the MSSM. Continue learning and practising chess and participate in as many as chess tournaments as possible. SKBJ teachers and parents can work together to ensure such excellence and success to continue. Many have acknowledge about SKBJ like SK Jenjarom being a strong horsepower in MSS chess tournament. So, SKBJ Chess Club needs to keep and maintain this in many years to come. 

THANK YOU! to every one who contributes and makes efforts to the success and feats achieved by the SKBJ Chess Club.

Anis (first from right) with her golden P12 (Under 12 Girls) teammates with their medals and certificates.

The GOLD medalists from the Selangor chess contigent - P12 Team, Both L12 and P12 Individual and L15 Team.

The 2009 MSSM Chess overall champion, SELANGOR.

Anis and her teammates waiting for their last round in the 2009 MSSM Chess Championship.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Final Results of SKBJ Players at MSS Selangor

PP (Petaling Perdana) L12 Team, all SKBJians, won 4th place in Teams Category. Congratulation! From left, Affan, Ihsan, Irfan and Aminur.

In the recent MSSS Chess Tournament, congratulation to all the SKBJ chess players who represented the PP District because they won medal. The boys won 4th place Team Category with 11 points. They won 2, drew 2 and lost 1 in the 5-round team event.

Aminur Nirza - 4.5 points (10th place individual, 4th team)

Rd Bd         Opponent
5    11   W   Mohd Aiman Anuar (SPG) - drew
6    9     W    Muhd Irfan Rendrawan (PP) - won
7    7     B    Ong Min Bo (KS) - won

Muhd Irfan Rendrawan - 3 points (25th place individual, 4th team)

Rd Bd         Opponent
5    2    W    Roshan Singh (PU) - lost
6    9    B    Aminur Nirza (PP) - lost
7   12  W    Ranenthraa Sreenivaas Rao (SPG) - lost

Muhd Ihsan Syahiran - 3.5 points (20th place individual, 4th team)

Rd Bd         Opponent
5    12   W   Hew Kien Lun (HL) - drew
6    12   B    Abdullah Soleh Bin Admi (GOM) - won
7    6    W    Leong Zhi Chen (KLG) - lost

Affan Amrish - 4.5 points (8th place individual, 4th team)

Rd Bd         Opponent
5    5    B      Ong Min Bo (KS) - won
6    3    W    Yeoh Li Yuan (PU) - lost
7    4    B     Mohd Noor Azam (HS) - drew

Anis Fariha and Nur Faqihah receiving their medals for the Team Event.

Whereas in the P12 Team Event, two SKBJ chess players - Anis Fariha Saleh and Nur Faqihah Aminuddin as well as their other two teammates Nurul Hana (SK Sri Serdang) and Reshara (SK Subang Jaya), managed to win 5th place Team Event with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losts. Their team scored 9.5 points and edged Petaling Utama on macth point.

In above picture, Anis Fariha receiving 6th place individual scoring 5 points. She lost only in the first and last round, to Nur Najiha the first runner up. By the win, Anis will be one the Selangor chess contigent to play in MSSM Chess Tournament to be held in Klang during this March school break.

Anis Fariha - 5 points (6th place individual, 5th place team event)

Rd Bd         Opponent
5    4     B    Koo Jin Ler (KLG) - won
6    3    W   Chew Ee Wen (PU) - won
7    2     B    Nur Najiha Azman Hisham (GOM) - lost

Nur Faqihah - 3 points (25th place individual, 5th place team event)

Rd Bd         Opponent
5    9     W   Tan Khe Xuan (KS) - won
6    6     B    Fatin Afiqah Hasidin (SPG) - lost
7    9     W   Gan Ai Vee (SPG) - lost

Anis is with Selangor chess contigent right now having centralized training. Hopefully, she will make SKBJ proud by playing excellently for the Selangor team. Hopefully, other SKBJ chess players will follow her feat to be in the strong Selangor chess contigent in the future. Like what the SKBJ Headmistress, Pn Normah, says "SKBJ HEBAT!"

Bravos and kudos to everyone, both teachers and parents as well as the players, for such excellence in chess MSS tournaments. SKBJ needs to maintain and improve this excellent results next years.