Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SKBJ Chess Players at RT OUG Agegroup Chess Tournament

Fikri was 5th in the primary school (Under 12) category after scoring 5 points in the tournament.

Anis Fariha was 4th for Best Five Under 10.

Other SKBJ students who participated in the tournament were Aminur Nirza Azrin (3 points), Nur Faqihah Aminuddin (3 points) and Muhd Faqih Aminuddin (2 and 1/2 points) 

Mr Segara with Mr Jax (left) Tham and RT OUG president and a comittee member.

It was a very unique scenario in the Rukun Tetangga OUG Agegroup Chess Tournament held at Dewan MCA Cawangan OUG. 14 Malays, 18 Indians and 24 Chinese chess players participated in the tournament. It was really a muhibbah environment and reflects the perpaduan. Even Mr Segara from the local council had cited two pantuns during his speech. Hopefully, RT OUG will organize more chess tournaments in the future.

The participants with parents.

Gokul, the champion of Secondary school category with 5 and 1/2 points.

Muhd Irfan Azhar, the champion of Primary school category with 6 points.

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