Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Photos of 2009 SKBJ Year 1

It is time for the parents to leave their young children to the school teachers. Let's the teachers educate them at school, while the parents educate them at home. 

School children with new school uniforms and bags were waiting to enter their class rooms. It is the beginning of 6-years journey at the primary school. 

They will be the 2014 UPSR candidates.

It is a very challenging day for the teachers especially those who are choosen to be  Year 1 class teachers not only to face the pupils' characters and antics but also the parents'.

Seen parents were eager to observe their kids being lined up with their classmates.

One of the SKBJ Year 1 pupils was having his roti canai during the recess.

Some of SKBJ 9-classes Year 1 pupils.

Seen parents where most of them took leave from work were standing to monitor their children starting their elementary school education. 

Year 1 kids started to learn the art of buying food and drinks at the canteen during the recess.

Parents were in the canteen too teaching their loved ones about business dealings and transactions.

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