Monday, March 30, 2009

SKBJians at Encik Ismail Ahmad's MBR Chess Simultaneous

Below are several pictures of the Chess Simul event held at Markas Briged Tengah, Cheras on 26th March 2009. A number of SKBJ chess players were among the 120 opponents of Encik Ismail Ahmad, the former World Police Chess Champion. It is a great honour for SKBJ chess players to be invited and part of a Malaysian Book of Record feat.

It is even better when Irfan Rendrawan, the 2009 PPD Petaling Pedana L12 first runner-up, won while few others (Aminur, Affan, Ihsan & Aina Farzana) drew.

Below are the medals, awards and photo gallery of Encik Ismail Ahmad in chess. His achievements and success in chess shall be followed and role model for all SKBJians especially and Malaysian kids generally. He started quite late in chess. His determination, discipline, dedication, passion, effort, patience and sacrifice has made him what he is today in chess. 

Hopefully all SKBJians especially its chess players will be motivated to succeed in chess seeing below pictures.

(Note: All the pictures were taken by SKBJ Chess Club guru penasihat, Puan Rosimah Mohamad)

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