Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It is sad to hear about the bad news happened to two SKBJ pupils, Danial Haziq of 6 Meranti and Anisa Karmila of 4 Jeruju. Hospitalized for an accident last week, Danial lost both his mother and sister to a car accident on Monday 19th January 2009. 

Anyone is very welcome  especially SKBJ parents to donate for the boy and his family. Please contact the SKBJ office to do so. May ALLAH bless you for your donation. Words of encouragement and support in the shoutbox, comments or e-mail ( are also very welcome.

SKBJ Chess Club ingin mengucapkan TAKZIAH kepada Danial dan Anisa. AL-FATIHAH to both their mother and sister. 

Salam Semua,

Untuk makluman pada minggu sudah seorang murid SKBJ, Tahun 6 Meranti
Danial Haziq telah mengalami kemalangan dilanggar van. Beliau jatuh
dari van yang dinaiki ketika pulang dari sekolah ugama dan telah
digilis dengan tayar belakang van berkenaan. Beliau sekarang sedang
dirawat di hospital SJMC.

Semalam 19/1/09 pada jam 10.30 Malam, ibunya, adiknya yang juga
penuntut SKBJ 4 Jeruju, Anisa Karmila serta adiknya berumur 4 tahun
telah mengalami kemalangan di Puncak Perdana ketika pulang dari
melawat hospital. Ibunya dan adiknya yang berumur 4 tahun meninggal
ditempat kejadian ketika kereta tersebut meletup dan terbakar. Anisa
Karmila telah terpelanting daripada kereta berkenaan dan mengalami
kecederaan dan melecur sebahagian badannya.

Sekiranya ada pihak ibubapa yang ingin menghulur derma ikhlas untuk
keluarga Danial Haziq dan Anisa Karmila, diharap dapat berhubung
Pejabat SKBJ dengan kadar segera.

Sekian terimakasih,

Safura Atan

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chess Friendly Between SKBJ and SKJ

Boys players from both SKBJ and SKJ.

SKBJ - Aminur, Irfan, Ihsan, Ishraf, Zafran, Affan, Afif Shah and Faqih.

SKJ - Irfan Haqqim, Aqil, Yassier, Shazwan, Nor Hakim, Fahmi, Fikri and Haziq Ahnaf.

Girls players from both SKBJ and SKJ.

SKBJ - Anis Fariha, Nur Faqihah, Aina Farzan, Alya Khairina, Sabrina, Intan Nur Syahida, Lyana Arissan and Anis Nabila.

SKJ - Puteri Rifqah, Puteri Munajjah, Nor Azzahkiah, Ipa Syahwana, Nurul Aqiella, Hany Qistina, Nur Aliah and Lyana Aqilah.

On Sunday 18th January 2009, there was a chess friendly between two primary schools whose chess clubs are active. The two schools are SKBJ - Sek Keb Bukit Jelutong, a member of MSSD Petaling Perdana, and Sek Keb Jenjarom, a member of MSSD Kuala Langat. A team of 16-chess players consist of 8 boys and 8 girls from SKJ were driving more than 50 kilometers to Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam to have chess friendly games.

The format used in the friendly is a 15-minute 8-games-round-robin for each boys and girls section. In other words, each boy or girl player will play againts each boy or girl player of the opponent team. Leading the SKJ players are Irfan Haqqim and his younger sister, Puteri Rifqah, both Selangor MSS players while for SKBJ team led by Aminur and Najib sibblings, Irfan and Ihsan (boys) and Anis Fariha and Nur Faqihah (girls).

Overall, SK Jenjarom has won the chess friendly by winning 75 points whereas SKBJ just managed to score 53 points. The SKJ girls team had edged the SKBJ girls team easily while SKBJ boys team won againts the SKJ boys team. 

Three SKJ players - Irfan Haqqim, Puteri Rifqah and Lyana Aqilah won all their matches respectively. Whereas Irfan and Ihsan led the SKBJ boys by winning 6 rounds each. Meanwhile, Nur Faqihah led the SKBJ girls by scoring 5.5 points.

Thank you very much to everyone especially the involved teachers and parents who has contributed effort, time and money to make the chess friendly game between SKBJ and SKJ happen and successful. Both schools agreed to have similar friendly in the future. May GOD bless all!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Photos of 2009 SKBJ Year 1

It is time for the parents to leave their young children to the school teachers. Let's the teachers educate them at school, while the parents educate them at home. 

School children with new school uniforms and bags were waiting to enter their class rooms. It is the beginning of 6-years journey at the primary school. 

They will be the 2014 UPSR candidates.

It is a very challenging day for the teachers especially those who are choosen to be  Year 1 class teachers not only to face the pupils' characters and antics but also the parents'.

Seen parents were eager to observe their kids being lined up with their classmates.

One of the SKBJ Year 1 pupils was having his roti canai during the recess.

Some of SKBJ 9-classes Year 1 pupils.

Seen parents where most of them took leave from work were standing to monitor their children starting their elementary school education. 

Year 1 kids started to learn the art of buying food and drinks at the canteen during the recess.

Parents were in the canteen too teaching their loved ones about business dealings and transactions.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Good Luck To Former SKBJ Chess Players

Several 2008 SKBJ Chess Team members will leave SKBJ and further their studies in their rescpective new schools. SKBJ Chess Club is wishing them GOOD LUCK in their new schools and hopefully will continue playing chess and represent them in MSS tournaments.


2009 SKBJ Year 1 Orientation Day

Today is the orientation day for 2009 Year 1 SKBJ pupils.  This year there are nine (9) clasesfor Year 1  which beginning this year will be using new names of different trees such as Ara, Angsana and Bakau compared to previous years of Dedali, Keranji and Meranti. The program started at 8.30 am where all the new Year 1 pupils were lined up according to their respective classes and given temporary name cards. Whereas the parents were sitting in the school hall for the briefing session.

The children were in their school uniform while their parents were looking at them with all sorts of expectations, hope and wonders. Several parents escorted their children to the classes eventhough they should not be as to let the young ones experience themselves the first day at school and be independent. 

To start the briefing session to SKBJ Year 1 parents, one ustaz was called to recite the 'doa'.

SKBJ PTA (PIBG) YDP was giving his speech. Some points of his speech :
  • SKBJ PTA is doing their best to assist the school to provide better infra
  • Security is very important in the school where parents should play their roles as well
  • The PTA AGM will be held in March 

SKBJ PK Pentadbiran was giving her briefing to the eager parents.

  • The number of pupils is increasing whereas the number of staff is 87
  • The afternoon school session starts at 1.10 pm until 6.00 pm and 6.30 pm depending on school days
  • During the month of January, no need to bring books 
  • Parents should be waiting at the school canteen instead of crowding the assembly field or near classes
  • The free text books shall be wrapped properly and taken care
  • Parents should educate their children on buying food and drinks

All the Year 1 class teachers were introduced to the parents. They are very experienced and choosen ones to teach Year 1 pupils.

The KIA 2M program director was giving his 5-minute briefing.

The J-QAF program director was giving her 5-minute briefing.

All the parents were very attentive to get the facts from the session.